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We support long haulage, last mile delivery, courier services, passenger transport, utilities, service and maintenance sectors across various industries.

What are the BBBEE benefits?

100% of the spend can be allocated towards supplier development under code series 400 of BBBEE code of Good Practice. OFIN spend are “contributions made to settling service costs (I.T) relating to the operational or financial capacity or efficiency levels of beneficiary entities”.

Is Ofin a bank?

No. Ofin is sponsored by Grindrod Bank. We are classified as a non-bank in South Africa's formal payment sector. We are an authorized and approved Third-Party Fund Administrator. Ofin is a licensed development credit provider with NCR. Ofin is an authorised Representative in terms of the FSCA.

How much does it cost?

Ofin subscription is based 3PL fleet size and contract length. The fee includes telematics hardware, installations, automation software, unlimited users, unlimited automation, transaction processing (subject to fair usage) and implementation support.

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